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Meet someone knowledgeable about their field, one-on-one. Or meet someone interested in your field, one-on-one. Arrange to talk when and where it suits you both.

Aggregation - pulling disciplines together!

Submitted by: shanebergin, 22-07-2013
Categories: Anthropology , Physics , Sociology
Trinity College Dublin,Ireland

I work with nano materials – the superheroes of the materials world: they are strong, have strange electrical powers and are, in parts, so tiny that one of their dimensions can measure as small as a few atoms: but there’s a catch: they stick together. These aggregates severely limit the potential of nanomaterials and my work focuses on dispersing the clumps! I’d love to chat with people from other disciplines about aggregation – group think, sociology, wisdom of crowds, tyranny of the majority, etc. etc.

Art installation/ bioengineering, medical devices

Submitted by: olivia hassett, 28-02-2013
Categories: Art , Biology , Manufacturing
Dublin ,Ireland

A discussion on a recent large-scale immersive art installation, which comprised of various interconnected brightly coloured sculptural elements, sound, embedded videos and motors. These installations offer the viewer an opportunity to question their understandings of what it means to be human and viscerally alive. My practice has always been a hybrid one between art and medical biology. Key interests are the abject, fragile nature of the human body and its ability to be simultaneously grotesque yet also sublime. I would be very interested in sharing thoughts on these subjects but also would be very interested in talking to someone with an interest in bioengineering, medical devices, biomaterials or the construction of identity.

3D & Design Principles

Submitted by: Solid Design, 11-12-2012
Categories: Design , Interactive , Education

Hello, If you have always wanted to get a stronger understanding of design, 3D design and design information I would be interested in sharing a simple Q&A; conversation with another. I have created work for many major interactive publishers such as DK (Dorling & Kindersley) and have produced a lot of elements for the new Metro North and Luas Tram lines proposed for Dublin City and have just recently published in the iBooks Store "Skellig Michael – An interactive video book" for the iPad.

Human-wildlife conflict in Rwanda

Submitted by: mcguinsk, 11-12-2012
Categories: Geography , Environment , Ecology
Dublin, Science Gallery,Ireland

For the past 3 years I have been investigating the interactions between marginalised farmers in northern Rwanda and the protected species within Volcanoes National Park. The park, on the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda, currently supports a large population of mountain gorillas, buffalos, golden monkeys and many other smaller mammals. These animals, however, regularly exit the park and damage the crops of people reliant upon farming for their survival. My project takes a mixed methods approach to both qaulitatively assess the social impacts of this and quantitatively measure the level of this problem. This has been done through focus groups, interviews and distributing GPS locators to farmers living near the edge of the park. I have always had an interest in practically-applied science, with an explicit aim of solving a real-world problem, and not just asking a question for the sake of it. Conservation not only needs research, but firm action, before the means becomes the end.

Reiki Healing for the self

Submitted by: cowensnyc, 10-12-2012
Categories: Alternative , Art , Alternative

Hi I am happy to talk to a few people about Reiki healing in order to help make better work, especailly for eyesight and joint relief/awarness. I am available to do this on the afternoon of Friday 21st of December in a Dublin city center location. Catherine Owens

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